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About Me

Back in the early 70's I came to Alaska to work at my uncle's lodge for three summers. I fell in love with Alaska and knew I belonged here. I spent 40 years trying to get a good bankroll together so I could come back for good.

I owned several businesses. Bought and sold houses and apartment building. By 2007 I had a heating and AC business in Arizona that was appraised at $500K. I had just listed it for sale when the housing market crashed. Overnight I lost everything. My business, my house and all my future plans.

I put my resume out on the internet and was picked up by a company in Seattle. I thought I'd use that as a staging point on my way to Alaska. While packing for the move to Seattle I was contacted by a company in Anchorage. I made a quick trip to Anchorage for an interview. Subsequently, I landed that job and went back to Arizona to change my travel plans.

My second year in Alaska I lucked into some off grid property that had two and a half cabin shells on forty acres. I started building the larger shell until two years later I was able to move into it.

It sits on an island in the middle of a muskeg (wetlands). It took two more years before I was able to get a road to it. Until that happened everything food, water, firewood, and building materials had to be carried by hand 300 yards through the muskeg to the cabin. I was sure happy to get the road in.

Too date, I've spent close to $250K on the property and still have a long way to go. Being as I produce all my utilities, it seems there's always something breaking or freezing. They always seem to pick the worst time to fail.

Follow my journey and see if you might have what it takes for,

Living off grid in the last frontier.

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